Hi! I’m Michelle and I’ve been cooking up some trouble since accidentally burning the countertops as a nine-year-old pancake making maniac. Formica wasn’t meant for a hot skillet full of chocolate chip pancakes. Over the years, I’ve had some culinary home runs and the occasional kitchen mishap.

WARNING: lighters, bourbon and steaks are to be used with caution in the kitchen (it’s best if you have someone with a cool head for backup…thanks Dad), cornish hens should be throughly cooked before serving to your new husband (ignore the manual on your re-gifted electric skillet, as vegetarians develop the recipes in hopes of gaining new recruits) and read the directions before firing up a fondue pot for the first time.

Thankfully, I  have a supportive guy by my side side over the years that continually flips me the “thumbs up” no matter the result of my latest experiment. For that reason alone, I still loves to cook and experiment with new recipes and ingredients. Otherwise, I would have invested in a Jet’s Pizza franchise, put on my sweat pants and called it a day.